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Een blog voor en door designers

Een interesante blog met allerij informatie over website design, logo design en nog veel meer design gerelateerde content. Check de website

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Logo design trends 2015

Look at a logo. What do you see? A picture? A business name? A business slogan? Yes we all probably see that but is that all? We don’t think so. A logo is certainly more than that. A logo is a statement setter, a welcome message and a glimpse to the business it represents. And […]

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Digital marketing trends of 2014

I came a cross this article and find this digital marketing trends for 2014. Marketing in this era is a brutal dog-eat-dog world, but there just isn’t any dearth of opportunities. There are many vistas and glittering stars for consumers to turn their eyes to. So how do you get them hooked to yours or even glance […]

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