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The Southeast Asia’s e-commerce ‘bottleneck’

Southeast AsiaSoon I will start whit my internship @Media Cake during this internship I will get a better understanding of the Southeast Asia’s e-commerce market. Before the start off this great adventure I would like to share my views on this potential next booming E-Commerce market.

Despite of a population of over 600 million people, e-commerce in Southeast Asia is fundamentally broken. Amazon, eBay and other global E-retailers have not put resources or focus into the region, and it is bereft of any dominant e-commerce players. Most importantly, it has no compleet network or infrastructure for retailers to tap into the region through a single point.

Each individual market requires separate contracts, deals and localizations – which creates a big barrier of cost, bureaucracy and frustration. This is the reason the costumers online spending while growing, is far behind Western averages.

There already are companies like aCommerce that try to solve this E-Commerce bottleneck. But I think this can be done a lot better, faster and efficient.
acommerce2 Thailands top tech entrepreneurs aim to fix Southeast Asias e commerce bottleneck

The basic idea behind aCommerce is that the platform hooks into retailer’s existing systems to help manage and coordinate online sales and all aspects of the customer delivery process. If there will emerge a infrastructure like we see this in the Netherlands (post NL) than the E-Commerce market will be bomming in Southeast Asia.