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How to build a site plan for your website?

When I build websites for clients most often they ask me what is your process and how will you get stared? This is the reason that I will now writhe a post about this to share my knowledge on this and to share my workflow.

I always start off by contracting a site plan, that consists of three steps. First I will start of describing the: purpose, audience, marketing, copy, look and feel, web layout and the site schedule. After that I will draw a visual site map and present this to my client or project group. After presenting all to the group I will start the work and come back with a working prototype to present and discus further.


This is what I do first.

 Site Purpose: Clarify the reasons for building the site and list the site’s goals, ranked by importance.

Site Audience: Define the types of users you expect your site to attract.

Website Marketing: Explain how you intend to attract your niche audience; through advertising, word of mouth, special promotions, and so on.

Web Copy: Detail what types of text and images you want your site to contain.

Look and Feel: Describe the site’s aesthetics, such as the color palette you’d like to use and the overall tone or attitude you intend to convey.

Web Layout: Consider how you’ll organize each page to allow users to navigate easily among pages on the Site.

Site Schedule: Determine deadlines for creating drafts of the Site and launching the final product.


The second step is constructing the Site Map

I always use Lucidchart to construct my site plan. The site I constructed here is really simple. But it is important to make it swift clean and to the point. As you see I also have taken in to account al call to actions on the website. Mostly this will be an outflow of the visitors visiting the website.

Site plan

The third step is getting busy and start the work!

Get busy get sweaty and design and program the plans you made before.


I wonder if any one has some tips or maybe has a different approach they would like to share with me. Pleas leaf your comments below.