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In an era where every company is using software, the world is experiencing a digital revolution. Work processes are getting digitalized, software is getting easier to use and the demand for customized applications increases. However, it is still accepted that working with software is complicated. Using Mendix is a way of changing that and makes lives of software developers easier.

As a developer, I recently started working in the field of Mendix and I’m already impressed by the possibilities of the Mendix platform and the Mendix community. Mendix is known as a low coding platform suitable for rapid development. This gives developers like me the opportunity to develop applications in a fast and relatively simple manner. For companies Mendix creates the opportunity to build an application that suits almost every need regarding the digital transition in this era and is also easy to use. Because Mendix is a low coding platform, it takes less time to get the application operational and therefore it is cheaper to build.

I find the Mendix platform very interesting and that’s the reason I started to build my own Mendix portfolio case. My interest in Mendix was also the reason that I recently visited Mendix World, a must-attend event for CIOs, business leaders and developers serious about driving digital innovation. During this event I had several intriguing meetings, one of which with Mendix’ senior managing consultant Floris Smit. Floris was kind enough to invite me over to the Mendix headquarters for a tour and to discuss my portfolio case. Here I received valuable advice about the further advancement. This sincere support showed me that Mendix isn’t only a great platform to use for both developers and users, it also showed me that there is a strong community behind the Mendix platform that is willing to help each other and who is making the Mendix platform a little better day by day.
mendix portfolio

Relevance Engine Mendix portfolio case

The portfolio case I made is called Relevance Engine, I made this case as a test for my job application at Pink Elephant. This fictive Mendix portfolio case is created for ComTel, a company which is looking for a single point of entry that gives helpdesk employees all the customer data they need, such as CRM, financial data (billing and contracts), network data and so on. The end goal is that whenever a customer calls with a complaint, question, or other issue, their request will be processed effectively and without having to transfer the call to another department.

The Mendix portfolio case I made is to be seen via

You can log in via the following credentials:
Username: Administrator
Password: KxkDrfeV18

This portfolio case shows a proof of concept of the Mendix possibilities for ComTel’s demands. The development time of this application was just three days. Without Mendix it would have taken significantly longer to build an application with the same possibilities. Software development is an iterative process and the next step in development will normally be the further collection of requirements and the further set-up of the platform. You can see the Relevance Engine Mendix portfolio case also in my work.

Please let me know if you have any feedback. A widget that processes feedback easily is built in the application.