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Logo design trends 2015

Look at a logo. What do you see? A picture? A business name? A business slogan? Yes we all probably see that but is that all? We don’t think so. A logo is certainly more than that.

A logo is a statement setter, a welcome message and a glimpse to the business it represents. And of course a good logo should make people fall in love with it at first sight, should have provocative symbols and a balanced geometry.

A company is nothing without a strong image and therefore there was first the logo, then the business. What can make people remember your business, communicate your core message quickly and give the first impression to the business? Precisely – the logo!

However a logo is not set in stone and with the times the logo trends do change and grow for the better. Many well renowned companies have changed their logo over time and kept up with the trends.

In 2014 we have seen logos with vibrant colors, transparency, play with typefaces and interplay between shapes and images. Here is what we think 2015 will bring in the ever evolving world of logos:

Logo design trends 2015: tight, sweet and balance

Logo design trends in 2015 will be sleek, eye-catching and charming. Soft colors are often combined with unmissable opposites as black – or white. For example – iff a soft cream color is combined with bold, thick lines, then one creates both style and statement.

A trend must of course connect to your company. But keep that fresh color palette fixed. Logos in 2015 will be about perfect balance and harmony, especially – in color.

We believe there will be more logos with ordered jumble of letters, overlapping letters, and geometric shapes. Besides those, hand drawn sketches, subtle childlike drawing and flat design logo will also be in the 2015 logo trends.

Combine trend choice

Want to have a unique logo? Then you combine your personal preferences with the latest trends. Create a cocktail trend and desire by making choices in the name of your company.

Choose colors and a symbol that your represents your business into one. A simple shape with a color. Sounds very little? Yes of course but still the one word in design applies – “Less” because that is more.

A powerful logo is simple, but clear and combines all the goodness of the trends of 2015. Do you envision a logo, which communicates the core of your business effectively and elegantly? We can help you achieve this vision. Contact us for more information.

And enjoy this nice video for a logo design challenge in 2015.

Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge from on Vimeo.

Thank you Logo BKK for all the information.